What's our story?

Marilyn Santiago lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two children. When she is not busy homeschooling, she enjoys pouring over books on nutrition, wellness and cookbooks. An engineer by training, she enjoys putting her creative, problem solving spirit into the dishes she creates at home for family and friends alike. Prior to this, she set up Superhelper Ltd., which has helped train thousands of homes on basic cooking and housekeeping skills since 2003. She created the Food Folk brand to help bring real food to the everyday lives of busy professionals!

Our healthy approach

We have a great passion for the connection between our food, personal health and the health of the planet. After flirting with a vegan palate and a pile of research, we believe the safest, healthiest diet is still a traditional diet of healthy fats, pastured animal protein and non GMO veggies. Besides the health reasons, the traditional diet supports the balance of nature to create a healthy environment. Grazing animals help replenish the nutrients of the soil which allow us to raise healthy plants in turn.

Our chefs

Our chefs are great believers in the healthy eating movement. David Mo is formally trained in culinary arts. If let loose in the kitchen he is fond of creating our new baked goods. He has a passion for food science and is loving the Food Folk kitchen for giving him the freedom to experiment with wholegrain products and pastured meats to create new flavors and textures.

Our philosophy

Respect the living food ecosystem. Cook from scratch. Cook with wholefoods, natural, non GMO plants. Cook with animals raised only in their natural habitats and natural feeds. Buy local, seasonal or work with small family farms. Make flavors matter. Waste little, recycle and compost.