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Easy to order

Easy to order

Choose your location, order your food. Sit back and relax, deliciousness awaits.

Healthy & wholesome

Healthy & wholesome

Our chefs use fresh, sustainable ingredients to craft our ready-to-eat meals.

Flexible & convenient

Flexible & convenient

Meals arrive on your schedule. Order for today or up to a few weeks in advance!


  • NEW! Home Support Meal Plan
    The present Hong Kong situation has not made it easy to navigate life from home. We get you. Let us take away one worry by sending you ready to heat and eat meals that are healthy and chef prepared.

    Food Folk's home support meal plan brings you the same nourishing meals that keep your body and the environment in mind. All the plans assume a standard balanced diet filled with sustainable proteins, healthy fats and wholegrains.

    You have the flexibility to decide on a 7 or 5 Day plan either getting 3 meals per day or just Lunches and Dinners. You have the option of ordering as a single, double or as a family of 4. You can get started quickly on a balanced meal program taking the fuss away of meal prepping at home under these stressful times.

    What you'll get:

    ...Balanced meals according to your frequency designed by our health chefs
    …Meals are ready to heat and eat
    ...Choose your menu the day before
    ...Delivery is 3x per week

    So, let us do the kitchen work while you get on with your everyday living.

    A sample Meal Day plan is as follows, subject to your choices:

    Breakfast: Homemade Yogurt and Blueberry Compote and wholewheat waffles
    Lunch: Chicken Hummus Wrap
    Dinner: Kerala Fish Curry

    So go ahead and make staying healthy stress free during your work from home.

    1. Are the meals delivered different from the website? The meal plan menu will vary on a daily basis. An order will be emailed to you for you to make your selection based on your personal preferences.

    2. Can I pause the plan if I need to? Yes, you can pause the plan at any time but please let us know by 5pm of the day before you plan to pause.

    3. How many times a week are the meals delivered?
    Meals will be sent out 3x per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except for the 5 Day Single Lunch + Dinner plan which will be sent out 2x per week.

    4. Is there a delivery charge?
    Deliveries to HK Island are free. We add a delivery surcharge for deliveries to Kowloon and New Territories of $150 for the whole week.

    5. How much is each meal?
    We have tried to make our plan as economical as possible. On average, each meal will cost $75. That's great value for the quality of ingredients and meal preparation.

    You will be asked for a date and time of delivery. Simply ignore this and make any date/time selection. Your meals will be delivered between 9am-12noon on our set delivery days, typically, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, except for the 5 Day Single Lunch + Dinner which will be on Monday and Wednesday.

    You will receive an email to check your dietary preferences such as allergies, food aversions and the like and also confirm your start date.
  • New! 12 Mini Muffin Snack Pack
    Get a dozen plant based mini muffins to share with friends, colleagues and loved ones. Choose up to two of your favorite flavors. One day advance order required.
  • Save On Lunch Plan
    Pay $500** now and get a lunch value of $575, that's about the value of a free lunch.

    1. Click the Lunch Plan Button now. Pick an arbitrary date/time to book the plan.
    2. Order your future meals on COD (cash on delivery) which we won't collect on.
    3. When you've consumed your plan, we'll send you an email reminder to renew.

    And for early enrolments before Feb 9 we'll send you a free snack too!

    *Applies to lunch deliveries only, Meal Plans not included.
    **Expires 60 days from enrolment.
  • Set Mealbox 午市套餐
    Choose 2 items. From $55
  • Kombucha Fermented Drinks
    Give your gut a probiotic boost with kombucha fermented tea drinks. Naturally sweet, tangy and bubbly, these drinks are going to be your new goto sodas.
  • Team Catering
    This menu is available one day in advance of your event day. All dishes are plattered and serves up to 10 persons. Non disposable plates and cutlery are provided with rental fee upon request. A Delivery and Collection charge of $50 is applied for Wong Chuk Hang and $100 for all other areas.
  • Roast Pumpkin and Avocado salad with Sweet balsamic dressing
    Roast pumpkin tossed with mixed greens and avocado with sweet balsamic dressing and sunflower seeds,
  • Totally Vegetable and Miso Soup
    A combination soup of mixed vegetables and miso. Vegan friendly.
  • Berrylicious Chia Seed Yogurt
    Made with Food Folk Yogurt. 14 0z.
    Allergens: nuts, dairy
  • New! Cold Pressed Juices
    From Impressed, Australian grown produce are cold pressed into these beneficial juices that retain all their nutrition. Go an have a sip today!
  • New! Kombucha Fermented Drinks
    Give your gut a probiotic boost with kombucha fermented tea drinks. Naturally sweet, tangy and bubbly, these drinks are going to be your new goto sodas.
  • Banana, Ginger Smoothie
    Made with Food Folk Yogurt. 14 oz.
    Allergens: nuts, dairy
  • Banana Cocoa Smoothie
    Refreshing frozen banana blended with cocoa powder and cashew butter.
    Allergens: nuts, dairy
  • Coffee
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Sweet Potato Chips 番薯條
    Our chips are cooked in healthy pure olive oil with a hint of coconut oil